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TM Series Cabinet Type Relay Type Voltage Stabilizer Hot Sale

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  • TM Series

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TM Series single phase Relay AC automatic voltage stabilizer

TM series voltage stabilizer,which has no wave form distortion,small body,light weight,high efficiency,available and convenient use,and long time operation and so on.and also can be used for many equipments,and is one of more ideal voltage stabilizer.

The power supply of computer,test equipment,lighting equipment,alarm and security system,X-ray equipment,Medical equipment,Duplicator,Broadcasting equipment,Numerical control machine tool,Industrial automation equipment,photographic processing equipment,inspection equipment and so on.


Input voltage 150V-250V
Output voltage Single-phase 220V
Voltage stabilizing precision 220V±10%
15K~60K 220V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Adjusting time <1s (when input voltage has change of 10%)
Efficiency >90%
Over-voltage protection 246V±4V
Ambient temperature -10℃-+40℃
Relative humidity <95%
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Dielectric strength 1500V/min
Insulation resistance >2MΩ

Model & Spec.

Type Specification Package size(mm)
Desk type/Cabinet type TM-1KVA 1kVA 210*110*140 / 1 Set
TM-1.2KVA 1.2kVA 210*110*140 / 1 Set
TM-3.5KVA 3.5kVA 330*430*180 / 2 Sets
TM-5KVA 5kVA 360*470*233 / 2 Sets
TM-8KVA 8kVA 360*470*233 / 2 Sets
TM-10KVA 10kVA 385*560*280 / 1 Set
TM-12KVA 12kVA 430*300*190 /1 Set
TM-15KVA 15kVA 430*300*190 / 1 Set
Remark: Can be customized as your requires.